1. if young love is just a game, i must have missed the kickoff

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    If you actually cared about men’s issues, you wouldn’t tack them on as an afterthought to a woman’s conversation: You’d instead be actively engaging in dialogues that explore the nuances of men’s problems in society. You wouldn’t simply wait until a woman is speaking and then shout “Yeah, men too!” You’d talk about these things independently and give men the attention that they deserve as individuals, instead of waiting for a woman to do the work, shouldering her aside and then insisting that men be given a spot on the stage too.

    If you actually cared about women’s issues, you wouldn’t demand that they give up their space. You’d recognize that conversations by women and about women are perfectly valid. When a woman is talking about her personal experiences and the way social pressures have affected her life, you wouldn’t allow her to be interrupted or derailed. You wouldn’t actively talk over her or steal away attention, focusing on issues that are outside of her point, until the conversation drifts so far away that you aren’t even discussing women anymore.

    So both now and in the future, my answer here is going to remain the same: Can we talk about everyone?


    We’re still talking about women right now.


    the-exercist in response to never ending “what about the men?” question

    I just needed to give a special shout out to how great & useful these words were

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This is why you can’t play frisbee with Cookie Monster. 


    This is why you can’t play frisbee with Cookie Monster. 

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    Don’t sleep. Drink coffee.
    — Differential Equations Professor (via mathprofessorquotes)
  5. is it ok to like a girl who has a boyfriend. who decided she’s found someone she like, and who makes her happy, and who isn’t you. is it ok, that you try to make her smile. no, only boyfriends are allowed that privilege.

    is it ok you try to be funny when you’re not a fun person, that you try to be brave when you’re not a brave person, talkative when you’re not a man of many words. its ok if i keep it all bottled up. its ok.

    how do i just be your friend. thats all i want. not to be stupid. not to have to wonder what to do with this necklace in my closet. why cant i just be your friend. why can’t i seem to be any girls, just a friend.

    your friend. 

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    Precision. Craftsmanship. Engineering. Attention to Detail.


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